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A+C isn’t an animation rep based in an office in London. It’s a group of stop-motion specialists homed inside a carefully curated studio, evolved to produce industry-leading commercials.  Our team of animators, technicians and producers combine handcrafted traditional techniques with the latest digital technology to create animated content for clients internationally.

Every one in our team has a passion for stop-motion animation, reaching for the highest quality with every frame. The magic of this craft is convincing, compelling and captivating, we hope that through working with us you will feel that too.

We have worked with big brand names such as LEGO, British Airways, TK Maxx, Royal Mail and Cadbury and agencies such as Ogilvy, McCann, BBDO, Havas, and Publicis

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A+C Studio Space

Here at A+C we have our own production space based in The Old Laundry, Margate. It includes 3 studios, The team at A+C are well versed with the set-up and having our own space give us the flexibility around the schedule. 

As well as the shooting spaces, we also have all the kit required with a range of cameras, lenses, lighting, rigging and motion control kit. 

Our studio also has a digital studio and two edit suites, so our stop-motion crew and post team can work in an agile approach, lowering risk of production issues. 

Post Production

Our in-house post team, oversee all of our motion design as well as the post-production for stop-motion. 

They are masters of removing rigging, compositing, and cleaning up shots. 

We also have capabilities to provide VFX, SFX, music, VO’s, and the final grade. As well as the all-important cutdowns and versions. 

our work and more

A+C Studios’ Directorial Roster

A+C Studios’ directorial roster includes talent from across the globe, an array of award-winning and emerging directors who showcase a variety of styles, with an eclectic mix of backgrounds and experiences. The roster includes Ida Mellum, Mai Vu, Lina Kalcheva, and Antonin Niclass, all prestigious National Films and Television School alumni. They represent the cream of the crop in emerging talent, bringing fresh perspectives and innovative techniques to the table along with Vida Vega, whose ethereal and illustrative animation style is unmatched, and Zarina Tucker, a skilled product animator with an eye for colour and play. Luiz Stockler offers a unique blend of charming hand-drawn and digital animation techniques, while Jess Deacon is a master of stop-motion animation and paper engineering. The team has already worked with top clients such as BBC, Prada, Ben & Jerry’s and Dyson, to name a few.

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A+C ‘23 Showreel

The Happy Egg Co

A+C Studios + Blimey Creative
Production Time – 10-12 weeks
Run time – 30 secs

Nat Geo

A+C Studios + Disney
Production Time – 8 weeks
Run time – 60 secs


A+C Studios + Pepsico
Production Time – 10-11 weeks
Run time – Various 3-10 secs


A+C Studios + VCCP
Production Time – 8 weeks
Run time – 6 secs x 5

Yeo Valley

A+C Studios + Eight&Four
Production Time – 10 weeks
Run time – 30 secs 


A+C Studios + HyperX
Production Time – 12-13 weeks
Run time – 30 secs

TK Maxx

A+C Studios + Weiden Kennedy
Production Time – 12 weeks
Run time – 5 secs x 10 secs


A+C Studios + designate
Production Time – 7 weeks
Run time – 30 secs

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