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Our 2023 Showreel features work for Tropicana, Nestle, Ben and Jerrys, National Geographic, Prada, The LEGO Agency and many more.

Our Services

At A+C Studios, we’ve got you covered for all your animation needs. Our comprehensive range of services includes stop-motion animation, 2D animation, CG animation, content production, creative direction, pre-production, post-production, and long-form animation. You name it, we do it!

Our stop-motion animation service is all about using traditional craft techniques to bring your stories to life. It’s the perfect way to produce visually stunning and captivating animation that grabs your audience’s attention.

With our 2D animation service, we combine cutting-edge technology with our artistic expertise to produce high-quality visuals that communicate your message most effectively. We use a range of techniques to create engaging animation that really resonates with your target audience.

When it comes to unparalleled realism and detail, our CG animation service is the one to choose. We use advanced software to create 3D animation that’s perfect for commercials, films, and much more. Our in-house team of experts are masters at bringing your ideas to life with precision and accuracy.

Our content production service is tailored to meet your specific requirements. We create custom content for social media, advertising, training videos, and much more. And with our creative direction service, you can be sure your animation project is executed with precision and creativity, from the initial concept right through to the final delivery.

We’re also here to help you plan and prepare for your animation project with our pre-production service. And once it’s all done, we’ll put the finishing touches on with our post-production service. We take care of everything, from editing to sound design to colour grading.

Last but not least, our team of experts can handle all aspects of long-form animation production, from pre-production to post-production, to ensure your project is a total success.
So, whether you need short or long-form animation, we’ve got the expertise to deliver high-quality animation that communicates your message effectively and engages your audience.