A+C’s passion is to do good. We are constantly striving to create awareness of how to be kinder to our world, ourselves and each other.

We aim to grow positive brand awareness amongst our peers and clients, develop new relationships with sustainable clients and contribute to our community.

Our commitments:

Supporting albert* guidance and initiatives for greater sustainability in the UK film and television sector. A requirement that all productions strive to be as green as possible.

We are also joining other local organisations in recognising and voicing our commitment to this vital agenda by declaring a climate emergency.

We review our sustainability targets annually. These will cover:

  • Energy – our energy consumption is monitored to further reduce our usage.

  • Renewable energy – we are committed to using renewable energy to power our studios.

  • Resource consumption – we aim to reuse or recycle our sets and models. We are striving for 100% paperless by the end of 2022.

  • Waste management – we are refreshing guidance to staff on the use of recycling and the objective of a zero-to-landfill approach.

  • Biodiversity – we have planted a bee-friendly garden on-site to improve biodiversity

  • Bicycles – we have cycle shelters and participate in a cycle-to-work scheme at the studio, and staff are encouraged to walk or cycle where possible.

  • EV charging – we allow all employees free usage of the EV charger to charge their vehicles.