LEGO® Animatics

Welcome to the interactive video hub of the LEGO® Stop-motion Animation Guide! Whether you’re part of the LEGO® agency team or a curious member of the broader LEGO® family, this specially curated collection of videos have been assembled to demystify the art of stop-motion animation.
Created by A+C Studios, with over fifteen years of experience in stop-motion, these videos are designed to complement our comprehensive guide which highlights the simplicity, versatility, and endless possibilities of this unique medium.
From techniques and styles such as; claymation, paper-craft, tabletop and pixelation, you’ll find a wealth of insight here that’s perfect for storytelling.
Dive into the videos below and embark on a creative journey that shows stop-motion is an exciting and accessible form of artistic expression.

LEGO® Adidas Drop 1 (2020)

LEGO® Build and Talk

LEGO® Adidas Drop 2 (2021)