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RUR is a creative postproduction company based in Prague. 2d animation animation CGI 3d animation RUR


RUR is a creative postproduction company based in Prague. Combining the skills, experience and resources of a large production house with the passion, ambition and flexibility of a small studio, they meet the highest expectations of the creative industries covering advertising, film, TV shows and VR experiences. In cooperation with the Czech technical university they explore the methods of bringing AI tools to the film and marketing field.

Featured Films

OLYMPIA Winner The Motion Awards 2016Olympia is an homage to the games, especially the athletes and their amazing moves! CREDITSCreative direction:...
StoryBots From the Director, “Once I watched storybots with my daughter for the first time and tweeted “like every animator...
Supergirl “Sometimes I want to be a superhero.  And sometimes I want to fly up high - so high!And through the...
Unbalanced Unjust
Unbalanced Unjust To raise awareness of the 17th UN sustainable development goals through art and storytelling, artists were brought together...