9 March 2023
Sea Salt Ocelot
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About Project

When it comes to promoting your brand and products through social media, there is no better way than through amazing animation. And that’s precisely what our Director Zarina Tucker delivers with her minimalist product animations for Ocelot – an independent artisan chocolate company based in Scotland.
Using her unique vision and creative flair, Zarina’s animations showcase the ethical and delicious chocolate products from Ocelot.
But it’s not just about the visuals – Zarina’s animations also incorporate perfectly crafted colour combinations that grab the attention of any viewer. Her work is an ideal fit for short product socials, providing an engaging and visually striking way to showcase your products to your audience.
Whether you’re looking for a fresh and innovative approach to your marketing, Zarina’s minimalist product animations are the perfect way to elevate your social media presence and captivate your audience.