15 March 2023
Series 2: In Development
About Project

Series: In Development

Welcome to a brand new stop-motion children’s TV series that takes young viewers on a fun-filled journey through the magical world of language. This exciting series introduces children to the basics of literacy and vocabulary through a lovable cast of monster characters, each representing a different letter of the alphabet.
With its combination of humour, music, and storytelling, this series engages young viewers in a unique and memorable way. Each episode focuses on a different letter and explores its sound, shape, and role in building words and sentences. By breaking down the language in this way, children can better understand the building blocks of words and develop their reading and writing skills.

This isn’t just educational – it’s also tons of fun! Through its colourful animation, catchy songs, and hilarious characters, the series keeps children entertained and engaged from start to finish. Whether it’s the mischievous antics of the letter “M” or the quirky personality of the letter “Q,” there’s never a dull moment in this unpredictable world.

What sets this series apart from other children’s TV series is its unique stop-motion claymation animation. Each character is carefully crafted from clay, giving them a tactile and three-dimensional quality that appeals to young viewers.

Through the use of stop-motion animation, our series brings the alphabet to life in a way that’s both visually stunning and highly engaging. Kids can see each letter come to life before their eyes as the characters move and interact with their surroundings in a real and tangible way.

This innovative approach to animation makes this series stand out from the crowd and provides a rich and immersive experience for young viewers. From the vibrant colours to the attention to detail in each character’s design, every element of the series is crafted to captivate and inspire young minds.
So if you’re looking for a fun and educational series that will engage and entertain, get in touch.