5 July 2023
Series 3: In Development
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Series 3: In Development

This charming stop-motion series consists of 26 mini-episodes, each spanning 3 minutes. The show is tailor-made for toddlers aged 1-3 years, engaging them through a delightful language of giggles, laughter, and playful noise, devoid of any spoken dialogue. This universal communication allows children from all linguistic backgrounds to engage and enjoy equally.

The series is set in the imaginative landscape of a kitchen countertop, hosting the animated adventures of a group of delightful cupcake characters. Although each cupcake appears as a stationary confection, it possesses an individual personality brought to life through distinctive styles, colour schemes, and implied flavours.

Each day brings a new adventure for these cupcakes as they explore their surroundings with curiosity and joy. The audience will find delight in the cupcakes’ simple pleasures, such as bouncing atop quivering jelly or marvelling at their own reflections in the backs of spoons.

Beyond just entertainment, the series is also subtly educational, introducing toddlers to different food items and objects in the physical world. These interactions present endless opportunities for the cupcakes to engage in fun and games, igniting young imaginations and fostering a sense of wonder in the everyday.

With the design consistency of eyes and mouths across all the cupcake characters, the visual style remains harmonious and easily identifiable for the young audience. This consistency also enhances the uniqueness of each cupcake character.

Each episode is a self-contained adventure, offering boundless fun in a world where even the simplest objects come alive with a playful spirit.

So if you’re looking for a fun and educational series that will engage and entertain, get in touch.