The Benefit of Animation for Advertising

One of the challenges for agencies and marketers is being heard through the rising noise in your field. How do you reach your target audiences when everyone else is trying to do the same and on the same platforms? Here’s where animation for advertising can become your weapon of choice to get complex or tedious messages across succinctly and unforgettably. In an age where we’re all overstretched but need to absorb increasing information, video grabs the most attention.

Unlike a film that needs to reflect the real world, animation is a tool that can be used for several purposes by being abstract or using other representations of human characters. You can create a genderless message, neutral to colour or creed, tackle taboo or complex subjects, and represent the past, present or future. An animation can also be made into a series without re-doing a film shoot.

Project Consent uses cute animations of body parts to deliver an important social message.

Animation should be an essential factor in any strategic marketing. Our creative team recognises your target audiences and their pain points and knows how to answer them. Whether you need to tackle sensitive subjects or illustrate complex services, animation can dissect information, captivate audiences and tap into their human emotions. Regardless of the industry, your business is in; animation can be an adaptable investment you can re-use in various sales, marketing or social media campaigns with noticeable ROI. Having video on your homepage makes a website 53% more likely to appear on the first page of Google search results. 

This is important because the first page of Google captures 75% of clicks, with the first five results after ads snapping up 70% of all clicks. Google’s second page of search results only receives around 5% of all website clicks. This shows how important it is to have a decent SEO strategy to get your rankings higher up the page.

Autism Speaks by the Ad Council, and BBDO New York has been created to help parents understand what autism feels like for a young person living with it, to recognize the early signs of autism and make early interventions to help.

Not only is a video appealing, but it can also help increase customer credibility and trust. As tempting as it may be, you don’t want a full-length feature film explaining your services, as 60% of viewers will stop watching within about two minutes, so short and sweet wins the race. Animation is the best way to convey a complex idea, as the only limits are creativity and budget. While animation can seem like something only Elon can afford, it is often a competitive and more effective way to explain your ideas than live action. Generating images digitally doesn’t have the restrictions of reality, either, so an animated film can show literally anything to customers.

In this short, by Marnik Loysen, a young millennial just wants to eat his avocado on toast in peace. Its strength comes from animation and its advantage compared to a live-action. The characters function as stereotypes, and their design lets us know immediately which respective presumption is portrayed. In effect, Loysen gets down to the core conflict and the narrative escalation within seconds and still conveys a message of intergenerational conflict.

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