Useful resources for anyone in the creative industries

There are heaps of websites and platforms out there that allow you to design, edit and even create music with ease. A+C have scoured the web to bring you an ever-growing list of the best free creative design resources for your next pitch deck, presentation or content design.


Google Fonts is a computer font and web font service owned by Google. This includes free and open source, font families.

Font Squirrel scours the internet for high-quality, legitimately free fonts.

Dafont archive of freely downloadable fonts. Browse by alphabetical listing, by style, by author or by popularity.

TypeKit If you have an Adobe CC license, TypeKit offers access to many premium fonts.

Typewolf offers a daily bit of typography-in-the-wild inspiration.

What the Font What the Font helps you identify a mystery font by scanning a file that has so generously been uploaded.

Type Nugget is a WYSIWYG editor for web typography CSS.

Fontface Ninja  is a browser extension that helps you identify fonts while browsing a website.

The Noun Project  is a massive searchable database of icons created by a community of designers. Pay for a membership or give credit to the designer. is a tumblr-style source of inspiration for font combinations and layouts.

Font Flame Font Flame is Tinder for fonts.

Fontic scans your Photoshop files and outputs a list of all fonts used.

FontReach After entering a font of your choice, FontReach scans the interwebz to show you sites that use that font.

Font Pair is a curated collection of heading/body pairs of Google Fonts.



Unsplash The internet’s source of freely-usable images. Powered by creators everywhere

Pexels The best free stock photos, royalty-free images & videos shared by creators

Pixabay Over 2.6 million+ high-quality stock images, videos and music shared by our talented community

Freepik Find and download the best high-quality free photos

The Stocks is a collection of free stock photos from a number of sources.

Death to the Stock Photo is a reaction to traditional stock photography.

Zoommy is a desktop app to help you search through stock photos from over 40 sources.

Diverse UI  is a stock photo collection that will help you represent a diverse group of people in your mockups. Remove the background of any image 100% automatically.

Experte A tool that automatically removes the background of an image. It uses a machine learning model to recognize people, animals or objects. The unique part is that it works for all resolutions without registration and is free.

100,000 Faces is a massive free resource of 100k faces, generated from scratch using AI.

is a free stock photo site bringing “beautiful, high-res photos of black and brown people, for free”.

CleanUp.Pictures You can use it to fix your photos, create a clean background for a product picture, re-design any items, fill up some missing space for a youtube thumbnail or You can use it to iron your shirts.

New Old Stock This does exactly what it says on the tin: vintage photos from the public archives, free of known copyright restrictions and with the aim of recapturing history.



Coolors is a super fast colour scheme generator for designers. Create, save and share perfect palettes in seconds!

Happy Hues Happy Hues is a colour palette inspiration site that is a real-world example of how the colours could be used in your design projects.

ColorInspiration Thousands of beautiful colour palettes you can use directly with one click

Color Designer Find a perfect colour palette for your next project.

Material Design Palette Choose your favourite colours and get your Material Design palette generated and downloadable


Design / Illustration

Adobe Express A useful blog post on 8 basic design principles to help you make awesome graphics.

 Open Peeps is a hand-drawn illustration library—a system of doodles. You can use them in product, marketing, comics, product states, user flows, personas, storyboarding, quinceañera invitations, or whatever you want!

Free Illustrations XYZ Find free illustration sets for your pitch decks.

Blush makes it easy for anyone to add stunning illustrations to their work. With collections made by artists across the globe, there’s something for everyone and every project. is a project which comes with a set of free surrealist illustrations for app or landing page messages, presentations, articles and more. The main idea is to give people a chance to think and spark their creative imagination and artistic vision.

Facebook Design Resources A collection of free resources made by designers at Facebook

Undraw Open-source illustrations for any idea you can imagine and create

Humaaans is a free library to mix-&-match illustrations of people. You can customise their positions, clothing, colours, and hairstyle. You can add scenes and use the power of libraries to make it your own. is an open-source resource created to help you understand and create Design Principles. is a library of free, modern vector illustrations to be used in your UI project.

Drawkit Drawkit is a collection of free, modern, and customizable illustrations that come in two styles.