Christmas Ad Animation

What Makes A Christmas Ad Tick?

Ah, Christmas ads! They’re the mince pies of the advert world, aren’t they? While the festive season sprinkles its magic everywhere, these ads have the tricky task of not just heralding the season but of tugging at our heartstrings, sparking nostalgia, and, if done right, getting that brand etched in our minds. Now, amid a whirlwind of snow, Santa, and sequins, how does one ad out-crisp another?


Here’s the Secret Sauce, Animated Style:

Unruly, a leading global video and Connected TV (CTV) advertising platform, revealed the most emotionally engaging holiday ads using its content testing tool, UnrulyEQ, which measures consumer responses to video advertising. Check it out here.

So we put on our elf hats and did some digging. What did we find? Animated ads, those cheeky charmers, have a wee edge! Clocking in with an EQ Score of 6.66, a notch above the 6.14 of the non-animated lot. Slightly more tears shed and hearts warmed, we reckon.


Your Handy Christmas Advert Checklist:


Emotions Galore: Big names like Disney, Coca-Cola, and Tesco didn’t just flog their wares. They took us on a nostalgia trip, making us all gooey inside. That’s how you make folks favour your brand and perhaps open their wallets a tad wider.


Nostalgia’s Pull: This year’s ace ads had us reminiscing, making us yearn for those simpler times (and perhaps those childhood sweets).


The Animated Advantage: Brands like Chick-fil-A and Macy’s went animated, reminding us of those telly specials we’d wait all year for. Seems like going animated is like adding that extra star atop the Christmas tree.


Animation or CGI? It’s a bit like choosing between a roast turkey or a nut roast. Both have their place at the table, but it depends on your festive mood (and perhaps how many veggies you’ve invited over).


The Right Jingle: Classic hits – the sort that make you dance in your Christmas jumper – were the order of the season. Queen, Hall & Oates, Lily Allen and many others added that cherry on top.


Diversity, Naturally: The best ads this year looked a lot like our local, bustling high street. All ages, all backgrounds – just like it should be.


Keep It Real: High emotion is all well and good, but if it feels like a turkey stuffed too full, it’s just not right. Keep it genuine.


Final Cracker Thought:

Christmas ads aren’t just about selling; they’re about feeling. If you’re pondering your brand’s next festive flick, why not give animation a whirl? As the numbers (and our teary eyes) suggest, they do strike a chord. Check out our own festive campaigns featuring partners such as; Harrods, TK Maxx, Waitrose, Shepherd Neame to name just a few.

Considering a Christmas campaign? Partner with an animation studio that knows its baubles from its tinsel. And remember, it’s the season of joy, sharing, and maybe a bit of cheeky fun. Let your ad reflect just that.