25 April 2023
Asics | Gel-Lyte III CM 1.95
About Project

Asics Gel-Lyte III CM 1.95

Asics Gel-Lyte III CM 1.95 sneakers’ mixed media stop-motion and motion graphics animation, we are thrilled to have worked with such a visionary brand committed to sustainable innovation.

Our film aimed to capture the essence of the sneakers’ sustainability, showcasing their low carbon footprint of just 1.95 kg of CO2 emissions per pair over their entire life cycle. The animation opens with a white canvas, with a single pair of sneakers at the centre symbolising the design’s simplicity and purity. As the camera zooms in, the sneakers come to life, highlighting their sleek silhouette and advanced features such as the Gel technology in the sole.

We utilised stop-motion sequences to depict different stages of the sneakers’ life cycle, The motion graphics component of the animation displayed key statistics and facts about the Gel-Lyte III CM 1.95’s sustainability, such as its low carbon footprint, and its use of sustainable packaging materials.

Overall, we are proud to have created a compelling visual representation of Asics’ commitment to sustainable innovation, showcasing the Gel-Lyte III CM 1.95 as a stylish, eco-friendly footwear option for consumers who care about the environment. Our team is grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Asics, and we look forward to continuing to collaborate with brands committed to making a positive impact on the world.