28 February 2023
Do Not Feed The Pigeons
About Project

Do Not Feed The Pigeons

As representatives for Antonin Niclass, we are thrilled to present his BAFTA-nominated short film, Do Not Feed The Pigeons. This remarkable animation follows a group of melancholic strangers at a bus station as they experience a collective moment of natural magic. Niclass seamlessly blends two-dimensional hand-drawn characters with a fully-crafted stop-motion set, capturing both the wistful sensibility of the characters and the tactile details of their dilapidated environment.

What makes this short even more impressive is that Niclass created it as a nascent animator, while studying at the National Film and Television School. Despite starting with only limited drawing abilities, he was able to hone his skills as an artist and produce this stunning piece of work.

Do Not Feed The Pigeons is a testament to Niclass’ talent and dedication to his craft, and we are excited to see what he will create with A+C Studio.