7 March 2023
ReDefine Haemophilia
About Project

ReDefine Haemophilia

We had the privilege of creating an impactful claymation for ReDefine Haemophilia, titled ‘Redefining Relationships’. The aim was to raise awareness about Haemophilia in sexual relationships, and we used our expertise to tackle this issue with sensitivity and care. Our talented team of animators brought the characters, Mr. Aubergine and Ms. Peach, to life with intricate claymation techniques that made the characters feel relatable.
To ensure each character had its unique personality, our character designer created a range of illustrated characters for the campaign. The established storyboard kept the animation process streamlined, allowing us to focus on bringing the scenes to life with nuanced movements and expressions. We worked hard to avoid over-complicating the simple dialogue scenes and kept the animation consistent throughout.
Before the animation shoot, we recorded the voices of the characters to ensure perfect synchronization with the lip movements. Our attention to detail brought the characters to life and gave them the authenticity needed to create an emotional connection with the audience. We take pride in using our skills to create meaningful and impactful animations that educate, inspire, and entertain.