9 March 2023
Happy Socks
About Project

Happy Socks

Step into the vibrant world of Director Zarina‘s creation – an eye-catching spot for Happy Socks, the revolutionary sock brand determined to sprinkle colour and joy into every nook and cranny around the world. This stop-motion product animation is more than just a promotional piece; it’s a celebration of LGBTQ pride, brought to life with rainbow socks.

Zarina’s expertise in animation and direction is showcased in every frame of this delightful spot, capturing the essence of Happy Socks’ mission to spread happiness with their products. With the playful use of stop-motion animation, the video adds a unique charm to the already colourful and cheerful brand.

Zarina’s spot for Happy Socks is a visual feast that encapsulates the essence of animation, creativity, and messaging. With its vibrant visuals and impactful message, this stop-motion product has captured the attention of viewers for Happy Socks.