21 March 2023
About Project

Harrods - The Land of Make Believe

Experience the magic of Christmas at Harrods with our stop-motion animated short, “The Land of Make Believe.” Join Peter Pumpernickel, the star of our magical tale of adventure and wonder, as he discovers the enchanting world of Harrods during the festive season.

As Santa’s helpers arrive at Harrods to transform the store for Christmas, Peter finds himself caught up in a delightful adventure that leads him to discover the true meaning of the holiday season. Along the way, he encounters a cast of charming characters and experiences the magic of Harrods in all its whimsical glory.

Our Harrods animation was a labour of love, with a design process that involved meticulous attention to detail for every prop, set piece, and character. From the beautifully wrapped presents under the tree to the intricately designed costumes, each element was crafted to embody the enchanting nature of Harrods at Christmas time.

Creating “The Land of Make Believe” was a complex undertaking that required extensive planning, including the development of a narrated script expertly voiced by Jane Horrocks. But the result is a stunning animation that captures the essence of Harrods during the holiday season, with a heartwarming story that is sure to captivate audiences of all ages.