7 March 2023
Media Force | A Life in Print
About Project

Media Force | A Life in Print

We’re proud to have written and produced a charming film that celebrates the importance of weekly newspapers. A Life in Print features 45 unique puppets and five sets, all designed and created in-house, demonstrating our expertise in all areas of stop-motion animation and production.
The process of storyboarding this film was intricate and involved following our main character, Ray, on his life’s journey with his local newspaper by his side every step of the way. Each scene had to be meticulously planned due to the sheer number of characters on screen, camera movements, and transitions involved.
Throughout the creation of A Life in Print, our main focus was on showcasing the power of local advertising and the significant role newspapers play in our lives. From the moment Ray was born to his final days, newspapers covered every major moment, helping to tie the story together.
Our team of skilled animators worked tirelessly to ensure that every frame of the stop-motion animation was perfect, capturing the essence of the story and bringing it to life in a visually stunning and engaging way.
At A+C, we pride ourselves on telling unique, compelling stories that resonate with our client’s audiences. A Life in Print is a perfect example of how we use our skills to bring meaningful messages to life through stop-motion animation. Whether it’s a commercial or a short film, we always strive to deliver the highest-quality productions that leave a lasting impression.