9 March 2023
Publicis Health NYC
About Project

Publicis Health NYC

As animation experts, we were delighted to work with Publicis NYC on their latest project. To create an advert that genuinely captured their vision, we incorporated various animation techniques, including rotoscoping and stop-motion animation.
In pre-production, we created a dynamic 2D animation and used this to storyboard each panel of the advert. By cutting each panel from the original animation, we were able to maintain consistency and ensure that each element was perfectly aligned with Publicis’ brand and messaging.
To bring the animation to life, we utilised the unique rotoscoping technique. By filming live actors and tracing their silhouettes in various positions, we created a dynamic and engaging animation that truly captured the essence of the project.
Finally, we brought everything together using stop-motion animation. This process involved using 2,700 laser-cut shapes, which we carefully arranged frame by frame to create a visually stunning and captivating animation that showcased Publicis’ message of promoting healthcare and giving.
We were proud to have played a part in creating an animation that conveyed such an important message in a fun, engaging, and visually stunning way. With our expertise in a range of animation techniques, we were able to deliver an advert that truly exceeded expectations and showcased the power of animation to tell a story.

Behind The Scenes

Our behind-the-scenes footage for the Publicis advert highlights the extensive involvement of our animation team. From creating a 2D animation for storyboarding to utilizing rotoscoping and stop-motion animation techniques, every detail was carefully crafted to bring Publicis’ message to life in a visually stunning and engaging way.