6 March 2023
Tempo Tissue
About Project

Tempo Tissue

Introducing the beautifully animated film from our talented new director, Vida Vega, created for Tempo Tissues. Vida’s vision for the film was to infuse it with a sense of realism and humour that stems from observing everyday life. She wanted to ensure that all the characters in the commercial were stylized in a way that reflected their unique personalities and quirks, making the world of the advertisement both believable and relatable.
To achieve this vision, all the animation was traditionally hand-drawn using Indian ink washes on paper. Later, the scenes were expertly composited onto the stop-motion footage, creating a seamless blend between the two mediums. The result is a stunning visual experience, almost like the animations were drawn directly onto the tissues.
With Vega’s keen eye for detail and commitment to realism and humour, this 2D animated film for Tempo tissues is a true masterpiece.