7 March 2023
Royal Mail | You Could Send a Text
About Project

As a stop-motion and 2D animation studio, we were delighted when Royal Mail approached us to create a short explainer about their evolving stamps. To showcase the added value of receiving something tangible through the post, the brief called for a creative approach that would reflect the brand’s focus on thoughtfulness and care.
Our crew of virtuosos got to work and decided to combine table-top stop-motion animation and 2D animation to create a visually engaging and informative explainer. We crafted the video in our signature stop-motion style, giving them a tactile quality that reinforced the importance of tangible communication.
From initial concept development to post-production, our team worked closely with Royal Mail to ensure that the explainer aligned with their brand vision and met their objectives. As a versatile animation studio, we have the skills and experience to bring any creative vision to life, whether it be through stop-motion animation or 2D animation. With Royal Mail’s evolving stamps explainer, we successfully combined both styles to create an informative and visually captivating animation that captured the essence of the brand.