9 March 2023
The Happy Egg Co.
About Project

The Happy Egg Co.

We were delighted when The Happy Egg Co. approached us with a mission to communicate the concept of “free range” in a unique and engaging way. We knew that creating a compelling animation would be the perfect approach to capture their audience’s attention and clarify the confusion surrounding this term.
Our team proposed crafting a world from paper and infusing it with vibrant characters that come alive through stop-motion animation. By combining these techniques, we were able to create a stunning visual experience that would captivate viewers and showcase the essence of free-range farming.
With our intimate knowledge of animation and storytelling, we brought The Happy Egg Co.’s vision to life. We carefully crafted each character, setting, and detail with precision and skill to create an unforgettable viewing experience. We showcased the beauty and importance of free-range farming in a way that words simply cannot.

Behind The Scenes