7 March 2023
Adidas LEGO ZX 8000 Trainer
About Project

Adidas LEGO ZX 8000 Trainer

We were thrilled to be approached by Lego and Adidas to create an advert promoting the launch of their new collaboration: the Adidas LEGO ZX 8000 trainers. These unique shoes are crafted from components moulded in LEGO colours, complete with a LEGO logo on the tongue and a special 2×3 green brick on the laces.
To bring this exciting project to life, we started with 3D modelling software to visualise how the brick-built props would look and how to assemble them using the perfect LEGO® Group bricks. This process ensured we had a clear understanding of how the final product would look, as well as the ideal pieces needed to create the perfect set.
Once we had a clear vision, we built a large set that would house our animation and allow us to create a world where The LEGO® Group and real-world props coexist seamlessly. This approach allowed us to capture the essence of the collaboration between Lego and Adidas and showcase their shared values of creativity, playfulness, and innovation.
Our experienced team of animators meticulously crafted each frame of the stop-motion animation, ensuring that every detail was perfect. The result was a visually stunning and engaging advert that truly captured the spirit of this exciting new product collaboration.
We pride ourselves on using our expertise to create captivating and unique stories that resonate with our client’s target audiences. And with the Adidas LEGO ZX 8000 trainers advert, we were thrilled to do just that. By utiliSing our skills in 3D modelling and stop-motion animation, we created a visual masterpiece that showcased the true potential of this innovative partnership.