7 March 2023
British Airways | Check-in Guide
About Project

British Airways | Check-in Guide

When British Airways approached our stop-motion animation studio to create a film for their check-in procedure at Gatwick Airport’s South Terminal, we were excited to take on the challenge. With 45 million passengers passing through the airport each year, the aim was to guide travellers without relying on sound.

The project required us to work with an ultra-wide format, which was different from the 16:9 ratio we are used to. This meant creating much wider sets than usual and relying heavily on the animatic to block out movements in this unfamiliar format.

To bring the British Airways paper-craft animation to life, our team of model-makers had to meticulously stick together each laser-cut paper element using scalpels, tweezers, and syringes filled with glue. It was a painstaking process, but the end result was a visually stunning film that effectively guided travellers through the check-in procedure.

We are proud to have created a film that not only met British Airways’ needs but also showcased our expertise in stop-motion animation and our ability to adapt to unique and challenging projects.