6 March 2023
EasyFood | Don’t Leave Your Sofa
About Project


Stop-motion animation is a powerful tool for storytelling, allowing creators to bring inanimate objects to life in captivating ways. That’s why EasyFood chose to utilise this technique for our recent advert for EasyFood’s ‘Don’t Leave Your Sofa’ campaign, which focused on the joys of ordering food delivery from the comfort of your couch.
At the heart of our animation was the sofa itself, which we knew had to be the star of the show. We began by exploring various approaches, from using a real-life sofa to creating a miniature model. Ultimately, we settled on an animated characterisation of the sofa itself as our hero, which allowed us to create the most flexible and expressive character possible.
From there, we focused on giving the sofa the most lively and communicative expressions. By doing so, our animators were able to imbue the character with a unique personality that truly shone on screen. This process required careful attention to detail, with each expression and movement being meticulously crafted to ensure it conveyed the right emotion and feeling.
Crafting the sofa puppet was no easy feat, either. It required a highly detailed armature made up of 3D printed PLA elements and aluminium struts. This allowed for an incredible range of movement and flexibility, which was essential for bringing the character to life. And the set was no less intricate, featuring hundreds of props, practical lights, and miniature details that truly brought the scene to life.
The end result was a fun stop-motion animation that perfectly captured EasyFood’s campaign’s essence. By utilising this unique technique, we were able to create a visual story that was both captivating and memorable. Stop motion animation may not be the easiest or most straightforward form of animation, but when done well, it has the power to truly captivate and inspire. And for our EasyFood advert, it was the perfect choice.