7 March 2023
Trivago | To the Mountains
About Project


As a stop-motion animation studio, A+C was thrilled to partner with Trivago, the hotel search giant, to create ‘To the Mountains’, a visually stunning and unique puppet-based commercial. The project broke away from the familiar presenter-led ads and showcased our expertise in stop-motion animation.
The storyboard for ‘To the Mountains’ was a visual masterpiece, showcasing the characters swiping on a tablet and being transported between different hotel and holiday locations as they decide which one is right for them. Our team worked meticulously to create a seamless and engaging story that captured the attention of Trivago’s target audience.
Creating fully furnished sets in stop-motion animation is always a joy for us. Every pillow, chair, and duvet was made with animation in mind, ensuring they could be easily animated without losing shape or form. We used foam to prevent deformation and internally rigged wire to give the sets more flexibility.
At A+C, we understand the importance of attention to detail in stop-motion animation. Our team of skilled animators worked tirelessly to ensure that every frame was perfect, capturing the essence of the story and bringing it to life in a visually stunning and engaging way.
Working with Trivago was a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase our skills in stop-motion animation and produce a commercial that stood out from the crowd. We’re proud of our contribution to ‘To the Mountains’ and look forward to creating more visually stunning projects that resonate with our client’s audiences.

Behind The Scenes

Our Behind the scenes for the Trivago advert shows the labour of love at A+C. It shows how we carefully crafted every detail to create a visually stunning and seamless stop-motion animation that would capture the attention of Trivago’s target audience. From storyboarding to set design, every step of the process was meticulously planned and executed precisely. Our skilled animators worked tirelessly to bring the story to life, ensuring that every frame was perfect. The result was a unique and engaging commercial showcasing our expertise in stop-motion animation and leaving a lasting impression on viewers.