7 March 2023
Adidas LEGO ZX 2
About Project

Adidas LEGO ZX 2

We were elated to collaborate with The LEGO® Group once again for their ZX promotion. Our animators and artists immediately set to work on storyboarding the film, which would showcase a team of LEGO Minifigs constructing the ZX trainer in their own LEGO factory.
From concept to completion, our team meticulously planned and executed every detail of the film. We created custom-built sets that perfectly replicated a real-life LEGO factory, complete with assembly lines, conveyor belts, and machinery. Our animators then brought the LEGO Minifigs to life through stop-motion animation, ensuring that every movement was precise and fluid.
One of the project’s most challenging aspects was creating the ZX trainer’s intricate details in LEGO form. Our talented artists carefully crafted each piece, from the sole of the shoe to the laces, to ensure it was a perfect replica of the real-life trainer. The attention to detail paid off, as the final product was a stunningly accurate representation of the ZX trainer.
The end result was a visually stunning and engaging promotional film that perfectly showcased the creativity and craftsmanship that The LEGO® Group is known for. We were thrilled to work with such an iconic brand once again and to use our stop-motion animation skills to bring their vision to life.
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