7 March 2023
Tropicana | Many Uses
About Project

Tropicana | Many Uses

Tropicana approached us for their new TV idents. The idea behind the project was to showcase the many different uses for their recyclable bottles, and we were eager to bring this concept to life through the art of stop-motion animation.
We began with detailed storyboards for each of the three idents to ensure a smooth and efficient production process. From there, we got to work on creating the intricate sets and characters that would be used to bring the bottles to life on screen.
For the first ident, we transformed a Tropicana bottle into a colourful and playful pencil pot with pencils, pens, and other stationery supplies. The second ident featured a Tropicana bottle being turned into a toy rocket with fins, engines, and even a miniature astronaut. Finally, the third ident showed a Tropicana bottle being transformed into a plant pot, with lush green foliage sprouting from the top.
Throughout the production process, we took great care to ensure that every detail was perfect. From the intricate designs on the pencil pot to the tiny leaves on the plant, no element was too small to receive our full attention and dedication.
The result was a series of stunning and engaging TV idents showcasing Tropicana’s products’ versatility and sustainability. We were thrilled to have been a part of this project and are always excited to take on new challenges and bring new ideas to life through the magic of stop-motion animation.