7 March 2023
Toy Animation
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Toy Animation Showreel

We have honed our toy animation skills over the years, working with many well-known toy brands, including the iconic LEGO. Toys can be a powerful tool for storytelling, especially when dealing with sensitive or challenging subjects. Using toys as characters can help to add a level of relatability and emotional connection to a story that might be difficult to achieve otherwise.
We take pride in our ability to bring these toys to life through stop-motion, creating engaging stories that capture the imagination of viewers of all ages. Our skilled animators and character designers work closely with clients to develop unique characters that resonate with audiences and bring their message to life.
Whether you are a toy brand looking to advertise your latest products or a business seeking to tell a compelling story with the help of toy characters, we are here to help. Our expertise in toy animation, combined with our commitment to quality and attention to detail, ensures that we deliver exceptional results that exceed our client’s expectations.
Contact us today to learn how we can help bring your vision to life with the magic of animation.