9 March 2023
Anglepoise | Abandon Darkness
About Project

Anglepoise | Abandon Darkness

We worked with the advertising agency Garage Soho and legendary ad man Sir John Hegarty. Together, we brought to life the timeless elegance of Anglepoise lamps through a stunning stop-motion animation that showcases the brand’s commitment to quality and durability.
The challenge we faced was no small feat – how to turn inanimate lamps into lively characters that could convey emotion and personality. But with our mastery of animation and attention to detail, we were able to build a life-size set and use stop-frame animation to bring each and every lamp to life.
Through this creative process, we were able to capture the essence of the Anglepoise brand and showcase the unique features of their lamps. By highlighting these benefits in a visually engaging way, we were able to create a marketing tool that resonates with customers and builds brand loyalty.
Whether you’re promoting a classic British brand like Anglepoise or a cutting-edge product, animation is a powerful tool that can take your advertising to the next level.